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Game Saves

This is a section for hosting SRAM files (save data) for a few classic games I've finished in my personal time. All files correspond to the NTSC-U versions of the games, although in most cases, SRAM from one regional version will work with ROM dumps based on other regional versions. I've also included a few (NES) game passwords, for game cartridges that didn't use battery back-ups.

These files can be used with most any emulator, provided the emulator doesn't use its own unique format for handling SRAM data. Note that these are not savestates, but rather internal back-up data. These are two very different things.

Instructions: Copy the SRAM file to your emulator's save directory. Rename the SRAM file to the same filename used by your ROM dump. In some (rare) cases, you may need to change the extension of the SRAM file itself. Emulators typically look for .sav or .srm extensions.

— Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) —

Dragon Warrior ( click here for the GB/C version)
Max level, max gold, best equipment, all rare items collected. The hero's name is Toma, which provides the best Str and Agi growth.

For the GB/C version, I also choose the name Toma, although I'm not sure if the algorithms for stat growth are the same between the two versions. Since this version introduced the stat seed power-ups, I collected each one present in the game, and made sure I got the highest outputs for each use.

Dragon Warrior II
Max levels, party outfitted with the best equipment, plus some rare items like the Mysterious Hat, Wizard's Ring and Dragon's Potion. Start at the monument in Rhone, ready to fight Hargon. The hero is named Thor, and the prince and princess are consequently named Lars and Gwen. I figured "Thor" would make the most sense, given all the references to thunder in the game. (i.e. the Thunder Sword and Thunder Staff being the strongest weapons available)

Final Fantasy
A level 50 Kn/Kn/Ni/Rz party. This is a variation on the popular "fastest party." (which is normally Kn/Kn/Kn/Rz) I figured throwing a ninja into the mix would add a little variation, plus he looks cool wielding the Masamune.

Final Fantasy II (WIP)
I haven't finished this version of the game yet, but I figured I would upload my progress in case it's useful to anyone. The party starts right outside the Cyclone dungeon. I've grinded so much that my characters actually have more than 999 MP available.

Note: This save is, of course, based on the Demiforce translation patch. Be sure your ROM is patched before loading the save.

Kirby's Adventure
100% game clear. All bonuses unlocked.

The Legend of Zelda
100% Second Quest clear with 000 K.O. count. To the best of my knowledge, I've revealed all secret rooms and bombable walls as well.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link ( click here for the Classic NES Series / GBA ver.)
Start the Second Quest with all spells, max levels and a 000 K.O. count.


The Battle of Olympus - QV7m?7 stCrZIf k9yJRk Z2jRQ8X
100% complete. Start in the forest just before Hades.

Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness - 69797945-9545959
Maximum levels and vials, plus all items. Start just before the final dungeon.

Maximum levels and all items. Start in the room just before the final boss.

IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II - ZGHMTGBLMNMP
Start at the summit of IceFire Mountain with the best equipment, all spells and maximum keys.
EYE: "Oh, SHII—! Not these guys again!"
(killing this guy about 1000 times is the
fastest way to grind to level 50)

— Game Boy / Color (GB/C) —

Donkey Kong
100% game clear with maximum lives.

Final Fantasy Adventure
100% game clear with all unique equipment intact, and character level is maximum. The hero and heroine are aptly named "Boy" and "Girl." (sorry, they don't have any canonical names) There are two save files: The first file starts you on the overworld, before crossing the "point of no return;" the second file starts you off right before the final boss, which is well beyond that point.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters
Start at the final stage, max items, max hearts, max everything. I even maxed the score counter.

Kirby's Dream Land 2
100% game clear. Currently powered-up with Coo + Cutter ability.

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ( click here for the DX ver. )
100% game clear with 000 K.O. count. Note: If you're playing the DX version of the game, be sure to download the save file from the second link.

Metroid II: Return of Samus
100% game clear in just under 2 hours. Best ending.

R-Type DX
100% game clear, all features unlocked.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
100% game clear with maximum lives.

The Final Fantasy Legend

100% game clear with maximum character stats and all rare items intact. There are a few different saves:
 - The Balanced Party (Human M, Human F, Mutant M, Monster)
 - The Confirmed Bachelors (Human M, Mutant M, Human M, Human M)
 - Radioactive Dreams (Mutant M, Mutant M, Mutant M, Mutant M)
 - The Monster Mash (Monster, Monster, Monster, Monster)

I had so much fun with this game that I'll probably get around to creating additional party configurations
in the future.

Ultima: Runes of Virtue
100% game clear with the Ranger. I'm pretty sure the game's difficulty is set to hard mode.

— Game Boy Advance (GBA) —

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
200% map clear on hard mode, level ~55, all the best equipment available. The boss rush mode is unlocked, along with its difficulty settings.

Golden Sun
Saved in the final dungeon. All characters around level 40, all rare items, djinni and artifacts collected, all sidequests completed. This would be a good save to use for transferring to a Golden Sun: The Lost Age file, as it will unlock all the GS1 quest-related events and artifacts.

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
100% completion. Boss Rush and Meta-Nightmare modes are unlocked, and my fastest completion times are already logged for both.

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
100% completion. All treasures collected, all bonus modes unlocked, etc.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
000 K.O. count. 100% completion, as far as the main game is concerned. I haven't even touched Four Swords mode yet.

Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
000 K.O. count. 100% completion, all Kinstone fusions, etc.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit
All tracks unlocked, but not necessarily in all modes. Although I've unlocked the SNES tracks in 50cc, I'm not sure if I managed to unlock them anywhere else. This is by far the hardest Mario Kart game I've ever played, and the requirements for unlocking new content are simply outrageous.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
100% stage clear, and various e-World stages are available. Since Nintendo never actually published (or even designed?) all the content that should have appeared in the e-World, there's no way to complete the side objectives, like collecting all the bonus coins.

— Super Nintendo (SNES) —

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
100% game clear, but character levels aren't maximum. The hero is named Benjamin, which I assume is his canonical name.

Kirby Super Star
100% game clear. Perfect no-loss record on Gourmet Race.

Kirby's Dream Land 3
100% game clear. I remember finishing the boss rush mode at some point, but I'm not sure if it unlocked any additional features.

Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World
100% game clear. I even unlocked World 9 of The Lost Levels.

— Sega Master System + Game Gear —

Golden Axe Warrior
100% game clear, to the best of my knowledge. There may be some secret passages I've yet to reveal. Unfortunately, I can't find any maps of the game documenting all available secrets.

Shining Force II: Sword of Haija

100% game clear. I collected all treasures from every map. All promoted characters were promoted at level 20+

— PlayStation 1 saves (DexDrive) —

To use these, you'll need a PS1 DexDrive or similar device. If you're emulating any of these games on your computer or your PS3, then you can possibly convert the save format to a more standard virtual memory card image. I don't have any info on this myself.

Chocobo's Dungeon 2
Perfect game with 0 K.O. count. All monster statues collected, some rare equipment forged (Spin-kick claws, Ribbon saddle, Titan claws — all at max levels) and Chocobo at level 99 with max HP, Energy and carry capacity. You'll find plenty of Summon Stones and other rare items in storage.

Note: The in-game text is currently pink because I used a rare item called a Pink Tag. If you want to reset the font color back to white, just use the other Pink Tag found in storage.

Final Fantasy Chronicles - Final Fantasy IV
Start in the Lunar Subterrane just before the final battle. The party is around level ~65, and both Rosa and Rydia have learned all of their spells. (minus the rare summons like Imp and Cockatrice) I went out of my way to collect all missable items, and the party is outfitted with what I thought would be the best equipment at this point in the game. I should note that I did use some in-game glitches to give party members duplicate equipment, or items they normally can't equip. e.g. Both Rosa and Rydia are using shields.

Alternatively, I also have a save with the party at level 99, and one piece of Adaman armor collected. I still haven't collected any of the rare summons, as the drop rates are far too ridiculous.

Final Fantasy Origins - Final Fantasy I
All collections data unlocked. Currently saved in a "Normal" mode game, which is closer to the NES version. I used a Kn/Kn/Ni/Rz party for this playthrough. Everybody is at max level and all treasure chests have been collected.

On a side note, FF Origins has some of the most ridiculous requirements for unlocking bonus content. I had to beat FF1 twice just to unlock all the galleries, then start an additional playthrough to have all the content on a single save file. The game doesn't register new content you've unlocked until you beat the final boss and create a "data clear" file. Since you aren't allowed to resume your progress from a data clear file, you have to start a new game just to see the content you unlocked. Similarly, I had to play through Final Fantasy II twice — once to unlock all the galleries, then a second time to have all the content present on one save.

Final Fantasy Origins - Final Fantasy II
Just like the FF1 save above, all collections data is unlocked. The game is currently saved in "Normal" mode, which is a harder difficulty level that's unlocked after beating the original mode. The party is outfitted with some nice equipment, has a few level 16 spells, and I've collected all the missable items in the game. The party starts near Mysidia and is ready to take on the final dungeon.

Gauntlet Legends
All four characters at maximum level with 100% completion. I used an in-game glitch to give each character Anti-Death Power, which normally can't be retained when leaving a stage.

Marvel vs. Capcom
Everything unlocked, even though I suck at this game.

Parasite Eve
In the middle of yet another EX-Mode playthrough. I haven't gone near the Chrysler Building yet, so I haven't touched any of the unique equipment found there. Aya is currently outfitted with a custom weapon and vest, both with pumped up stats. I opted to use the fastest type of gun available, and I stacked all the beneficial abilities that can be obtained before the Chrysler Building. Likewise, the vest offers the best possible resistances and benefits at this point in the game.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
100% complete, Dragon Shores unlocked, all Skill Points earned.

Starfighter Sanvein
All menu features unlocked, to the best of my knowledge. I can't find any guides for this game, so I have no idea whether or not there are
additional unlockables.

Tomb Raider
100% game clear, all secrets found. I had to exploit a bug in order to collect the final secret. Normally, a bug in the level design causes the game never to register the final secret, even though you've technically collected it. What I had to do was use a save / load bug to make the game re-register a duplicate secret from a different level and carry it over to the final level. I wouldn't consider this cheating since there aren't any other work-arounds.

Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft
100% game clear, all secrets found. Very few medipacks were used, so I have quite a stockpile available. Ditto for the TR1 save above.

Xena: Warrior Princess
100% game clear, maximum strength and defense power-ups, all scrolls collected. To see the bonus ending, make sure you collect the scrolls during the final battle.

— GameCube —

GC saves can be transferred to a memory card via an SD Media Launcher or similar device. These saves could possibly be used with a modded Wii, as well. I'm not sure how that procedure works.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
A single-player caravan with a powered-up clavat male. Obtained most artifacts and ultimate equipment upgrades. Every dungeon is at cycle 3.

Super Smash Bros. Melee
Everything unlocked. Most trophies collected, but some of the more difficult ones are notably absent.

— Diablo II characters —

Below are a couple of .d2s character files for your single-player and / or LAN games. Just place them in your Program Files\Diablo II\save directory. Note that these characters cannot be used on closed, as closed stores your characters on Blizzard's own servers.

Level 84 Smiter paladin
The character's main attack skill is Smite, and his primary aura is Concentration. I opted for Concentration over Fanaticism for a few reasons:
1.) Concentration provides a greater damage bonus than Fanaticism, both for the paladin and his allies; 2.) It imposes a probability that your attacks won't be interrupted when you're struck by enemies, which is very useful for an up-close-and-personal build like a Smiter; 3.) Max IAS can be achieved through equipment only, making the IAS bonus from Fanaticism obsolete; 4.) Concentration is sorely overlooked.

Level 84 Tesladin paladin
This is a paladin with a synergized Holy Shock aura plus Zeal. Tesladins passively annihilate pretty much all enemies before they even appear on the screen — at least in Normal and Nightmare difficulties. Holy Shock isn't quite as powerful versus monsters in Hell mode, but a Crescent Moon Phase Blade plus a few points in Zeal will allow a Tesladin to plow through Hell with little effort.